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Stories of ESP: Ruby Unruh

Ruby Unruh TerryRuby Unruh Terry had premonitions throughout her lifetime, many of which came true. In the old country, it was often accepted as part of life that one would say goodbye to the spirit of a relative at the moment of their death. These beliefs persisted in the new land, with first and second generation immigrants from Russian Poland. Here is a sampling of stories from the life of Ruby Unruh Terry.

One time when she was young, she found a book on fortune telling with cards, not Tarot but regular playing cards. She thought it would be fun to do at parties so at one party she dressed up like a gypsy and sat in the corner and told fortunes. She said as she worked with the cards, different things would come into her mind and she would relate them. There was one young man she had never met before and she told him, "You are dating a woman who has told you she isn't married but she is. Watch out for her husband." The next week the man called her and asked for another reading as his girlfriend did turn out to have a husband and he tried to kill him. She didn't give the man another reading but gave up fortune telling.

When she was a little girl living in Newton, KS, there were a people her parents knew who were all part of the group that had immigrated from northern Europe. They lived out in the country and didn't have telephones. She said that on more than one occasion when there was one of their family members in the hospital who died, she would ride out with her father to tell the family. The family was aware of not only the death but the time as they said their relative walked through the house. They believed he/she was saying goodbye

One morning when I was about 8 years old, my mother got up in the morning and said she had had the most oppressive dream that left her really down. She drempt of her mother's kitchen and it was full of funeral flowers. She said she was afraid it meant her mother had died. My dad said that was a lot of nonsense as we hadn't even known her mother was sick. Later in the morning we got the phone call that her mother had died during the night.

When I was about 11 we were living in the LA area. Her oldest brother had had a slight heart attack and been off work for a few days but had gone back that day. We were listening to the radio at about 9 or 10 o'clock that night when my mother said she had heard a noise on the porch (I didn't hear anything) She said "That was Amel (sp?) he died and came to say good by". I didn't believe her but the next morning we got a phone call that my uncle and his wife had gone to bed very early the night before. His wife woke up at some point close to morning and discovered he had died early in the night.

She related from time to time that she had dreams about trivial things that "came true" the following day.

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Location of Antanofka (Antanovka, Antonuwka)

I received a correction regarding some information on my Unruh Genealogy Website.

"Antanofka, in Russian Poland was aproximately 15 miles southwest of Karlswalde."

I believe I got this information from the book, "The Helpless Poles," but I'll have to confirm that. In any case, someone who knows more about the area contributed the following correction:

"In fact, Karlswalde and nearby Antanofka (Antonuwka) was located in Volhynia which was a province of Russia since the partitions of Poland in the late 1700s. Between 1921 and WW II it was part of Poland. It has never been part of the region known as Russian Poland. Today this is in Ukraine.

I see also in other parts of your site that you make reference to South Russia. Although there is no such literal place, it generally refers to those Germans, including Mennonites, who settled within a limited region north of the Black Sea. Just to clarify, this does not include Volhynia."

I found a map online that includes Antanofka (Antanovka) here:

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Unruh Family Organization

I received an email a few months back asking if I know of an Unruh Family Organization, as the have with other family names. I am not aware of one, but if any one is, please let me know by leaving a comment!
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Unruh in Meno

I received an email today from a gentleman who found my Unruh Genealogy Website. His Grandparents had a farm in Meno, OK, and he had lived there until the late 60's. His mother had given him a handwritten account of the establishment of the settlement known as Meno.  His grandmother wrote it to be handed down to the grandchildren.  Evidently his great-grandfather settled in the Meno area and the dugout root cellar that his family lived in became the first meeting place for the Menonites in Meno.  It was also used as the first church.  Eventually a farmhouse was raised above the cellar and he remembered, as a young child, playing in the cellar under the house.  His family moved from Meno in the late 60's after his grandmother passed away and the farm was sold.  


Although I didn't have any specific information on his family, I did remember an email I received from another Unruh who mentioned  Meno, OK. He had grown up in the Enid Oklahoma area and all of his Unruh ancestors are buried at the Hopedale Cemetery in Meno Oklahoma. He also told me that his GG Grandfather came over on the S.S. Kenilworth in Jan. 1875 with his family. He believed his Great Grandfather's 3rd wife to be was on the Vaterland. As a result of that exchange I posted the passenger list for the S.S. Vaterland (Vaderland) on my website (Arriving PA, Dec 25, 1874).